Monday, November 17, 2008

He Separates the Night

Did anyone in Huntsville tonight (Monday) look at the sky in the West about 5:00? If you did, it was kind-of cool because there was a very dark cloud just above the horizon that was making an almost perfectly straight line across the sky and below it was a constrasting bright sky, mostly orangeish, from the sunset. I SOOO wish I had a camera with me, but I didn't. The picture above is something I found on the internet that will sort-of give you an idea of what I'm describing... but it wasn't stormy or raining. It was just a cloud like this. It was pretty enough to cause Jacob, who was riding in the car with me on the way to hockey, to comment about how neat it looked.

And I almost hesitate to tell these stories at times, because I feel like someone may think I am making them up... but then, I don't know if I really care if you think I'm making it up. Ha ha. :-) I know it really happened this way. Just as I was turning onto the expressway to head West and was taking notice of the sky, I was singing along to my Tenth Avenue North CD .... these exact lyrics: "Lord of brilliant light, You separate the night...." from the song "You Are" (full lyrics below). It was a pretty neat moment. Very full of God.

Lord of empty space
You breathe and then create
Before the earth was made
You are

The King of every age
Outside of time and space
The heavens speak Your name
You are You are

Lord of brilliant light
You separate the night
And everything inside
You are

The One who calms the seas
And every part of me
With just a word You speak
You are You are.

I give You all of me for all You are
Here I am
Take me apart Take me apart, etc.

Angels bowing down
Beneath the rushing sound
A voice that thunders out
You are

The one who holds the stars
And the beating of my heart
Exalted above all
You are You are


Kristy said...

Perfect song to go along with "your" sky.