Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hockey Mom

For some reason, I like this title, so I have claimed it. I saw someone at the ice rink with a sticker on their car that said this and I commented to Sarah I would like to get one.... and she said, "You're a soccer mom". Well, yes.... that too. :-) But it was a strange feeling at the hockey rink this morning... it feels so natural for our family. We are big hockey fans and have been a long time. Tim even moreso than me. Mostly we love college hockey. Also, maybe it's just the Northern blood. But sitting there at 7:00 a.m. FREEZING watching my cute little guy playing hockey was kind-of fun. I'm glad if we have to live in the South, at least we get to live in the "Hockey Capital of the South". :-) I hate to hear myself saying that after I have complained so much. We had to get up at 5:15 two days in a row for games ... that's not fun, but the end of Daylight Savings Time helped alot this morning. I'm sure it will get old soon.. but today I was just enjoying it.

So-- Jake (I call him that sometimes, but now I think it just sounds more "hockey"!) had four games this weekend and his team lost every one. We never even scored. Jacob's best friend Alec had our only shot-on-goal this morning. That was exciting! :-)


Kristy said...

I want to be a Hockey Mom! I showed Clay the post and went back and showed him the one with all the equipment, and Jacob in the bag! Maybe we will live somewhere that Joshua can play - that would just be too cute, even if his team lost all their games.

Elsie said...

We have enjoyed reading your comments about Jacob playing hockey. Tim sent us some pictures too, so the only thing better would be actually being there. Tell Jacob that he looks really neat in those duds.