Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Political Post to Please my Papa

Our house is a Red House in a Red state... we are Republicans and we're not ashamed to say so. I thought we were training our children to be good little Republicans, too. :-) Yesterday I was reminded why I never wanted to send my children to public school... Jacob (that sweet little face on the top) was watching the election results with me last night and said, "I'm going for Obama. He wants to help poor people. McCain only wants to help rich people." I just stared at him in disbelief. "Excuse me?!" I exclaimed. "We don't use that kind of language in our house, young man!" And then I washed his mouth out with soap. Just kidding, of course! What I did was immediately call my dad (that sweet little face on the bottom) and put Jacob on the phone to tell him what he had just said. My dad's not a Republican and that's putting it lightly. And up until now, there was no one in our entire extended family who ever sided with him politically. I knew he would be proud and thrilled to have an ally. And he was. :-) So much so that he has decided to re-write his will and redistribute all his wealth to Jacob. Ha ha.
Of course, poor Jacob had to spend the rest of the evening listening to his dad and me help him see the right way to go politically... no pun intended. And now I'm wondering if I need to reconsider that whole homeschooling thing again. :-)
Regardless, God be with America in the choices we make and have made. Bless our leaders. And, hurry, our true King, and come back for us.


Kristy said...

I am so surprised about your dad - I may have to call him myself!! That would be an interesting conversation! We are a red house in a mostly red state as well. I am praying for our country more than ever before. Not only for the president to be, for the people of this country.