Saturday, November 1, 2008

Libby (Mostly)

Here are some pictures of Libby and her recent art projects. The first two are a jewelry box she painted. She bought the box and paints with some money my dad gave her when she was in Michigan. The second two pictures are a "bill holder" to hang on the wall that she made in her pottery class at the art museum.

Hockey, soccer, piano and parties have been keeping us very busy today, so this post is short. But I have commited to No "No-Post" November... so I am going to try and post something every day this month. We'll see...... hopefully soon I will have Halloween pics.


Elsie said...

Libby is so talented and cute and precious.... I could go on and on but then I would have to add the same things about Sarah and Jacob. Tell them I love them.
Grandma Elsie

Kristy said...

Libby seems a little more like Jalyn - Jalyn loves singing, playing piano and painting. She would have me buying those little wooden boxes from Hobby Lobby every week - she loves to paint them! I have to cut her off though! Poor kid - she loves it, but at age 9, she's not that neat yet!!